Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dreaded School Shopping

Well, the kids were gone for a week, giving me time to think, sleep, and collect myself into a more presentable package. The start of the school year is right around the corner, which unfortunately for me, means less sleep. This week, I started waking up earlier to get into the routine, and my daughter said I have been "Snappish lately". Me, "Snappish", Really?

So, as I mentioned before I grounded my daughter for using the F word at summer camp. But very literally, 2 days after this incident, she went 250 miles west to stay with my parents for a week. My parents would make sure she had a super fantastic week, pretty much ignoring the fact that she had been naughty. So now that she's home, and the incident (in her little 9 year old head) happened AGES ago, and she's having a very difficult time with being grounded. Not to mention that during the day while she is with the babysitter, she gets to do all kinds of fun stuff AND watch TV. So, in reality, she is only grounded for about 3 hours a night. I would have been so lucky when I was her age to have a punishment like that! So 3 hours a night for 14 nights = 42 hours of punishment. I guess that will have to work.

And last night was fun (and by fun I mean AWFUL). We went to the Super Walmart to go school supply shopping. See, right now in Florida, it's TAX FREE week! And what better week to shop for school supplies? The less of my money that the government gets, the better. But, if you ever go to Super Walmart, you know that on a regular day, it's already packed. Can NEVER find a good parking place, even at like 2am on a Tuesday. Well, last night was a frickin' zoo. At least the school supplies aisle was anyway. This stupid lady damn near grabbed the very LAST composition book out of my hand for her child after I had just picked it up to put it in my cart. Unbelieveable! Every year we are nearly trampled in the store while we struggle to get everything on the list, fighting tooth & nail for the last pretty folder or the last set of washable markers. I know it sounds ridiculous, but these mothers out there are brutal!

Fighting for school supplies, that's just the beginning. Clothes and shoe shopping, that's a whole other story!

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