Monday, February 18, 2008

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy In Children and Adolescents

So, I'm reading all about cognitive-behavioral therapy in my spare time. Having a 10 year old daughter with a mood disorder is very frustrating...but I think there may be something to this treatment I am reading about. The whole idea of it is this: "Cognitive therapy assumes that maladaptive behaviors and disturbed mood or emotions are the result of inappropriate or irrational thinking patterns, called automatic thoughts. Instead of reacting to the reality of a situation, an individual reacts to his or her own distorted viewpoint of the situation." This is exactly what my daughter does! Now whether or not outside therapy is right for her, I'm not so sure about that. I wonder if there are corrective techniques that we can work on at home to change her behavior. I would take just about any advice at this point.

Friday night was HELL ON EARTH. My daughter brought home a progress report and it said she had a D+ in math, plus the remainder of the subjects (Social Studies, Science, etc.) also had dropping grades. This after bringing home STRAIGHT A's on her recent report card. I didn't even yell at her but I did tell her that I was not giving her back any of the things I had taken away, despite the fact that she behaved well all week. I wanted it to be clear that good behavior and good grades are equally as important. Well, of course, that did not go over well. The crappy attitude immediately set in, and the "I didn't do anything!" fight began. The night ended in yelling and tears, and it was not fun at all. She was practically pulling out her hair because I wanted her to listen to what I had to say and didn't allow her to speak until I was done. It was really just a mess. The next day, after our chat, she was great all day. But Sunday I helped her with a Black History Project for school and she became frustrated and cried and was a mess all over again. I am really at the end of my rope!

Advice, anyone?????