Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The "F" Word

Did I mention that daughters = drama? How about my 9 year old daughter who wishes she was grown told a boy in her summer camp to go "F" himself today. Can I just tell you that my jaw almost fell on the floor when the camp director told me? Now, in her defense my husband and I use the word all the time in general conversation. BUT! we never have told anyone to go "F" themselves, whether in jest or out of anger in her presense. That's not a phrase we use often (if at all), so I don't know where she got that from. AND! When you're young, and you begin using swear words, the "F" word is generally NOT the first one that pops out. Which means that she's been swearing, probably for awhile, using all the other words including that one. Should I be shocked? Probably not, but I am anyways. So, I yelled. I grounded her. And I washed her mouth out with soap.

It is utterly exhausting trying to make sure that your children grow up to to be decent human beings. I am NOT good at it. At all.

But before we spiral down No Return Lane, into Kid Hates Mother Land, I am beginning a parenting crusade. There will be an E-Zine involved. And lots of free cupcakes.